Welcome to the Jedi Outcasts. We are a bunch of Friendly, Fun and Active people who like to play and converse around the SWGOH game and much more. We’re a well disciplined and managed Guild with room for positive people who are also seduced by the Dark Side (because we all know it can be a lot of fun). We rever Lord Vader and his fellow officers. We don’t clean their boots but we know that Guild pleasure comes from a well managed guilty pleasure(s) 🙂

About “Line” and this website

We communicate primarily and mostly via the LINE app to go beyond the in-game chat. We know there are many tools out there but we’ve built a rich conversation history already on the Line app. This website acts as a place holder, our flag in the sandy dunes of the many planets of the Galaxy. It’s where the “world out there” can hyperspace from to our Line community faster than Han Solo did on his Kessel run.


We are the Jedi Outcasts.

We believe in… (listing of values)

We like to… (listing of actions)

We dislike…(list of behavioural traits)

We permit… (list of one-offs)

We encourage… (aspirational items)


Tired of your inactive, boring Guild? Come and join the JediOutcasts!

Fun, friendly, active guild. We do heroic Rancor raids (T7) with ease. Doing regular AAT raids and building up our toons towards heroic. There are a few easy rules that benefit all members, encouraging everyone’s raid participation (and rewards). Our reset time is 6:30pm EST Must have LINE app and contribute 600 raid tickets daily. Lvl …


Guild Leader: KrazyEyezKilla  (in game name)

Guild Officers: Cowabunga,  xxDarthxx, SiranthaAxus (in game name)

Recruiter: SiranthaAxus (in game name)

Timezone: primarily US based but not limited to.

SWGOH.gg page (https://swgoh.gg/g/883/jedioutcasts/) – presence not mandatory but appreciated